Andrew Studer is a professional outdoor commercial photographer. His passion for nature photography has driven him to capture the world's most beautiful waterfalls, mountains, forests and natural phenomenons. From images of seals swimming through glaciers in Iceland to ancient ruins in Iran, Andrew's images showcase the beautiful world we live in. His work has been featured in National Geographic, BBC Earth, The Huffington Post, CBS News, The Weather Channel and more. Currently, Andrew is photographing for his upcoming book 'Space to Roam', a passion project which features an astronaut exploring the 'otherworldly' here on earth.

Andrew is available for hire worldwide and has high comfort levels & experience being in remote, hard to access environments for extended periods of time.

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Andrew Studer specializes in timelapse cinematography and aerial cinematography. In 2020, Andrew began working in natural history television production shooting supporting scenics on NatGeo's series, 'America the Beautiful' from Wildstar Films which was released to Disney + in 2022 as well as S1 & S2 of NatGeo's 'America's National Parks' which also streams on Disney Plus. His work can also be found in BBC's latest series, 'Mammals.'To date, Andrew has been involved as a camera operator on two more unreleased series from National Geographic, contributing timelapse & aerial footage of animal behavior and supporting scenics.

Aside from his work in Natural History television production, he works as a commercial drone pilot and is a videographer capturing outdoor commercial lifestyle for brands.

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Sisters Mountain Range Gif Timelapse

'Space to Roam' the Book!

Depending on how long you’ve been following along, you may remember seeing my film ‘Space to Roam’ back in 2019. I’m excited to announce that I am now continuing the project and bringing it to book form by 2025. ‘Space to Roam’ is a self funded passion photography project that focuses on an astronaut exploring the ‘otherworldly’ here on planet earth. From images of a massive alien-like colony of penguins in Antarctica to the mars-like landscapes of North Africa, ‘Space to Roam’ highlights the earth in a way that drives appreciation for our beautiful planet through authentic images of otherworldly locations without heavy digital manipulation.

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Commercial Agriculture Photography

In the last few years, my passion has deepened for capturing images that narrate the essence of agriculture in a style I aspire to convey as both creative and artistic documentation. View my commercial agriculture photography portfolio which contains images from various apple, cherry, corn, potato and onion harvests.

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Photo of photographer Andrew Studer taken on Olallie Butte, Mount Jefferson in Oregon by photographer Taylor Gray Visuals


Andrew Studer is a professional outdoor commercial photographer , videographer and timelapse cinematographer based in Portland, Oregon. With a huge passion for the outdoors, Andrew is constantly seeking out adventure and unique and engaging ways to capture what he sees. His passion for the earth has driven him to capture the world in a way that makes the viewers of his work have a strong sense of appreciation for nature and the world we live in. From images of seals swimming through glaciers to portraiture of remote Himalayan tribespeople, Andrew’s work showcases the beautiful world we live in.

Andrew began his freelance career in the summer of 2015 creating content for a variety of clients in the outdoors. He now spends over a third of the year traveling across the world on commissioned shoots and adventures capturing content for his personal photo collections. His work has been licensed and featured in publications such as National Geographic, Yahoo News, BBC Earth, The Sarah Silverman Show, The Weather Channel, Al Jazeera , CBS News, The Daily Mail and more.

Andrew is available for hire worldwide and has high comfort levels & experience being in remote, hard to access environments for extended periods of time.

What I Do

  • Commercial Outdoor Lifestyle Photo & Video
  • Timelapse Cinematography
  • Aerial Photography
  • Cinematic Drone Operation (FAApt 107 certified)
  • Commercial Agriculture Photography
  • Photo & Video Licensing

View my brand new, updated timelapse & aerial cinematography showreel

The footage shown below is a brief collection of some of my favorite timelapse and drone footage that I have captured over the past several years on a mixture of private and commissioned productions including footage shot on production for National Geographic's 'America the Beautiful' and 'American's National Parks' Season 1 & 2.

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Now offering custom aircraft photoshoots!

Are you a pilot who owns a plane? My team and I will work closely with you to plan a unique and customized air to air photoshoot where we capture a series of stunning images of you and your aircraft flying over a beautiful landscape. From these images, I will provide a large, high end metal print for you to display in your home, office or even hangar!

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