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Custom Air to Air Photoshoots

Are you a pilot who owns a plane? My team and I will work closely with you to plan a unique and customized air to air photoshoot where we capture a series of stunning images of you and your aircraft flying over a beautiful landscape for you to have as large, high end gallery quality metal prints.

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Aviation landscape photography of an airplane within the rising full moon over Mount Hood, Oregon. Single image, no photoshop.

Everything Looks Better From Above

Whether its the dynamic valleys and ridge lines in the American Southwest or dramatic mountains of the Pacific Northwest, it’s hard to beat the view you have as a pilot. While there are several specific landscapes that work well for an aviation photoshoot with compelling results, if there is a certain location that is important to you, we are flexible to travel and work from wherever is required to get you what you need.

Let us capture your experience

Whether we fly in formation and photograph closeup images of you and your aircraft or from high above looking down, Andrew is committed to capturing beautiful images of your aircraft and doing what you love most.

Safety is our Priority

During our photoshoots we ensure that everything remains 100% safe, up to FAA regulation and within your comfort level as a pilot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I invite my other pilot friends and split costs with them?

Absolutely! Not only is including one or two other airplanes a great way to make a photoshoot much more affordable but it can also lead to even more compelling and dynamic images for you and your pilot buddies to share.

Can we fly over my favorite National Park?

As long as a 2,000ft ABL is respected, we can photograph your aircraft over iconic National Parks such as Yosemite, Yellowstone and Mount Rainier. While this may seem like a far distance, my team and I can plan to use a telephoto lens to align and compress you with the iconic features of a park all the while making it appear as though you were close while keeping everything tidy with the FAA.


How much will this all cost?

Prices vary based on a number of factors including shoot location, aircraft type, For a local photoshoot in the Pacific Northwest, pricing for a quick, 1 hour photoshoot will begin at $3,250. This will include a large metal print and one hour of photography as well as processed images.


Can you photograph my jet or do you only shoot bush planes and Cessnas?

While it is possible to photograph your jet, it will require an additional fee that will go towards sourcing a photo-ship capable of matching your speed.

Can I choose the location?

100%. This is all about you and capturing the experience you have as a pilot flying over your favorite landscape. Depending on your region, Andrew may have suggestions for specific images that might work well from a photographical perspective but this is all up to you.


Can I get a shot of my airplane inside of a full moon like your Moon + Mount Hood photo?

Absolutely! For best results, a shot like that requires mostly clear weather and can only be captured 1-2 days of the month during moonrise (in the evening) or moonset (in the early morning). Andrew can even plan to have an iconic backdrop such as a mountain within the image as well.


Where are you based?

My team and I are based in Oregon but offer customized air to air photography in the Pacific Northwest, American Southwest as well as globally.

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