The following is a limited preview of scenic aerial footage and nature timelapse video available for licensing that I have captured on personal shoots over the years. Footage is available in 4K — 8K resolution. All timelapse and most aerial footage is shot in RAW and in accordance to Netflix’s latest requirements. Cine DNG sequences are available upon request.


For any specific shots you’re after or any other inquiries please reach out to 

A Variety of Aerial, Timelapse & Realtime Footage

  • Fagradalsfjall Volcanic Eruption
  • PNW Mountains (Summer & Winter)
  • Joshua Trees & Desert Landscape
  • Icelandic Waterfalls
  • Astronaut Roaming Mars-like Landscapes
  • Abstract Desert Landscape Patterns
  • Joshua Trees & Desert Landscape
  • Oregon Coast
  • Pacific Northwest Waterfalls
  • American Southwest Landscapes
  • Mount Hood (Summer & Winter)
  • Italian Dolomites Mountains
  • Night to Day & Day to Night Transitions
  • Temples in Bhutan
  • Pacific Northwest Mountains
  • Milkyway & Starry Night Sky
  • NYC, LA, Portland, Seattle Cityscapes
  • Joshua Trees in the Desert
  • Van / Roadtrip Lifestyle
  • Antarctica Icebergs / Landscapes
  • Holi Festival of Colors
  • Astronaut on Mars-like Landscape
  • Oregon Coast Adventure / Hiking
  • Wild Brown Bears
  • Red Fox Kits
  • Hawaii Volcanoes Kilauea Lava Spout
  • Bhutanese Villager Video Portraits


Cinematic aerial footage shot on a high quality camera with a variety of lenses


Day to Night & Night to Day timelapse transitions