Over the past several years, I have grown a passion for capturing images that tell the story of agriculture in what I hope comes off as a creative and artistic style of documentation.

While traveling throughout places like Iran and Bhutan, I noticed that I would naturally gravitate towards photographing people tending to their livestock & fields.

I loved the opportunity I had to create images of people within their environment while combining storytelling & nature photography

Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to work on several visual commissions at various farms and orchards capturing a mixture of both still photography and videography.

Paralleled Endeavors

With my background as a nature and aerial photographer, my goal with every agriculture photoshoot is very similar to nearly any other photoshoot I do. I strive to provide my clients with images that not only document a process and beauty of a farm but are high quality and visually captivating art pieces.
While my portfolio may not be filled with images of agriculture, I aim to bring the same creative energy onto a farm that I do with other photography assignments and passion projects.
As a photographer, I am always thankful and especially excited to work on projects that align with what I enjoy capturing as well as provide me with an element of artistic freedom to create what catches my eye. The following agriculture collections showcase some of my favorite environmental portraiture, aerial and product photography images. Hope you enjoy browsing!

This first collection of images was captured at a series of apple orchards near Watsonville, California and was commissioned by S. Martinelli & Co during harvest 2022.



It features a variety of candid & lightly staged environmental portraiture, aerial photography, produce in its natural state as well as product displays.

Early morning coastal fog  blanketed Martinelli’s apple orchards with such picturesque atmosphere. It was so much fun to wander throughout the orchards photographing the workers amongst the deep greens before it burnt off in the early afternoon.

This next collection of images feature onion, corn and potato harvests captured for Riverpoint Farms in the fall of 2023.

The following images were captured alongside video during a two day shoot.

This next collection of images document American Forest’s tree planting efforts in Oregon after the 2020 Beachie Creek Fire.

The following images were captured alongside video during a single day shoot.

Thanks to the American Forests team, over 215,000 Douglas fir trees were replanted in Oregon's Santiam State Forest.

This next collection features images from a two day shoot for Super Fresh Grower’s apple harvest in 2021. I have also included some more recent images from a more recent shoot for them covering a cherry harvest in the summer of 2023.

Just over two years later, I captured Superfresh Grower’s Cherry harvest in the summer of 2023. The following images are some of my personal favorites from a single day shoot that I captured alongside video.
Photography of cherry harvest for Superfresh Growers in Yakima, Washington
Photography of cherry harvest for Superfresh Growers in Yakima, Washington

In addition to a package of still images, I also captured a small amount of footage of the harvest. Here is a short 30s edit of some of what was shot including drone videography.

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