I have become so fascinated by the human element and including it in my landscape photography. While having a small person next to a waterfall or out on a ledge certainly provides a sense of scale, I have grown to love capturing the memories and amazing moments people have in the outdoors. With these images, I hope to inspire others to get out and enjoy the outdoors. (But what outdoor photographer isn’t these days)

In an interview with Aperture Academy, I share some background information on this series.

“To do these photos, I typically work with a friend on their position/ pose or use a time-lapse remote and tripod and take a self portrait. While shooting people in nature, I always try to consider not only the safety risks involved but also the potential environmental impact.”

From enjoying the stars at midnight in the Italian Alps to seeing the Northern Lights for the first time in Iceland, this gallery showcases a large amount of self portraits, photos of friends and sometimes even strangers off in the distance enjoying some special moments in the beautiful outdoors.