Excited about the new cameras and potential for photography, I recently picked up the brand new iPhone 11 Pro. I spent two days cruising around Oregon and capturing a few photos and videos. In this review, I focus on the brand new night mode & Ultra Wide lens while also touching a little bit on the portrait modes.

Overall, I’m extremely impressed with the new capabilities! I think that the iPhone 11 Pro’s new night mode is a complete game changer! I was shooting handheld 3s exposures that came out perfectly sharp.

The ultrawide lens is also a great addition! I feel like it has a neat way of making a subject appear to be more fun and dynamic. I typically don’t use wide angle lenses in my photography but I had a ton of fun testing it out!

Big thanks to Ryan Braden & Blake Allen for helping out and filming the BTS footage! Also thanks to Ukaia Rogers for the tech help!